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Would you like to SHIFT your working paradigm from being
  • inbox-based to calendar-based?
  • interruption-driven to plan-driven?
  • reactive to proactive?

That’s where connecting with me will help. I can show you how to master your email & make a real difference to your workplace productivity and quality of personal life. In fact, more & more clients tell me that what I show them is 'life changing'!

Hi, I'm Steuart Snooks. I work with busy professionals who are struggling to get control of their inbox. I've learnt that email overload is not so much about volume as it is a lack of a ‘process’ or system for managing this critical aspect of everyday workload.

You see, most of us have never been taught how to master the productivity tools we use with our own hands every day. And as our technology delivers ever increasing volumes at faster & faster speeds, it’s so important that we learn, right now, how to keep up.

  • Is email is central to most of your work?
  • Do you feel that email is the biggest time waster & source of frustration in your day?
  • Like to save an enormous amount of the time & effort you currently spend 'doing email'?
  • Frustrated by getting no or slow response when you send email

If any of this resonates with you, why not let me help you learn a range of proven & powerful ‘best practice’ email productivity strategies. You can benefit from my past decade of researching, consulting, coaching, training & speaking on how to master email and restore it to its rightful place as a tool improve your workplace productivity! 

I'd be delighted to show you how to quickly get a grip on email overload, gain more control, reduce frustration, save an enormous amount of time & radically transform your workplace productivity.

Here's how I can help . . .

In response to those crying out for a practical and affordable solution to the challenges of e-mail overload, I have developed a series of presentations, workshops, webinars, coaching and resources that teach highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice email etiquette, skills and strategies that significantly improve your individual e-mail productivity.    

These can be delivered in various formats to make best use of the time available, whether that be 45 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, half-day or a whole day. Some of the most popular solutions for accessing our expertise are outlined below.  

Taming the E-mail Tiger

How to have a more strategic approach to managing incoming e-mail that will dramatically reduce the amount of time (and cost) spent in reading and handling e-mail.  Read more . . .

7 Ways to Write More Effective E-mail

How to get increased responses and better outcomes from your e-mail communications by writing messages that get your reader’s attention, engage their interest, helps them clearly understand and then promptly respond to your message.  Read more . . .

The Science of Writing Effective Email

How to increase your influence, build rapport and get agreement when negotiating, consulting, managing, selling or providing customer service via e-mail.  Read more . . .

Conference Presentations

Designed to create awareness of the impact of current e-mail practices, stimulate motivation for change and outline a more strategic approach to managing e-mail that dramatically reduces the time and cost spent on e-mail. Read more . . .

Here's what Bob says . . .

“Gidday Steuart. During yesterday’s meeting at the Significant Events stage, Anthony, one of our members talked about being overseas for 5 weeks and coming back to a fairly large inbox.  He then said, ‘Thank goodness we had Steuart speak on his one touch email process.  It saved me heaps of time.’  True value from our speakers means permanent impact and your name keeps on coming up in our regular meetings.  Well done and keep up the good work.” Bob Kerr, Coach to CEOs/Chairman of TEC 48 – Newcastle (Oct 2013)

"Yesterday at our monthly TEC 48 meeting, I asked each member to tell the group what they have implemented as a result of their TEC journey.  One said that ‘for the first time in a few years his inbox was less than a page long.’ And then he mentioned the value of your session with us a few years back. I must also add that if my inbox ever gets to more than a page, ‘I Snook it.’ The true test of a valuable speaker is not the entertainment value on the day but the lasting effect that their presentation has on the members.  Well done and thank you Stuart from us here in the Hunter. Bob Kerr, Coach to CEOs/Chairman of TEC 48 – Newcastle (Oct 2014)

Gidday Steuart, trust you are well.  We are encouraged as chairs to give immediate feedback to our presenters, but this unfortunately does not let our presenters know how effective they are over a longer period of time.  At the last meeting of TEC 48 I presented one of our members, Anthony Kerr with his 5 year membership plaque and gift and I then asked him to share with the group some highlights of his membership.  You were one of five best speakers out of at least 50 that have presented to our group. Not only that, there are a few other members that remember your presentation and said that to this day they are practicing the skills that you taught us. That includes this old bloke as well. Bob Kerr, Coach to CEOs/Chairman of TEC 48 – Newcastle (May 2016)