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Research has shown that Email Productivity training is most successful when performed “Face-to-Face”. Despite the fact that Email is one of the most broadly and frequently used applications for business workers, most people never received any formal training in its use!

Our one to one Email Coaching is designed for busy professionals who want flexibility and a tailored learning experience. If you’re struggling to find time to invest in your professional development or simply prefer a more personal learning experience, a 1:1 coaching intervention offers advantages such as;

  • a tailored approach to address what you need to know right now
  • work in your preferred learning style and at your own pace
  • coaching scheduled at a time and space that’s convenient for you

We aim to help you to get control of your in-box, reduce frustration and improve your e-mail and communication effectiveness.

You’ll be amazed how much time you will save!  

  • Learn e-mail techniques that really work
  • One-on-one coaching with an e-mail expert
  • Tailored to your needs – hands-on at your computer

Choose a package that suits you . . .


  • Troubleshooting Package

    A quick review to identify points of blockage or frustration and advice to fine-tune what you're already doing, tailored to suit your situation and objectives.

    1/2 hour session - $97.00   More details . . .

    “I can’t tell you the effect your little reminders are doing to keep me on track. I feel like you have become my mentor.”  Tanya Cleary | Ground Transport Manager | Melbourne Airport

  • Essentials Coaching Package

    Designed to give you maximum impact in minimal time. We'll assess and improve your current e-mail practices to help you automate and optimise your e-mail workflow.

    90 minute session - $375.00   More details . . .

  • Advanced Coaching Package

    Learn a strategic, Best Practice approach to using email more effectively with extra time for live, ‘hands-on’ practice to get your inbox empty, organise your folders, set up rules and templates and optimise your workflow.

    Initial 90 minute plus a 30 minute follow up session - $595   More details . . .

  • Executive Coaching Package

    Designed specifically for ‘time poor’, information-overloaded senior executives who need a Best Practice strategic approach to the way they manage email, including how to work with your PA/EA to optimise your email communications in minimal time.

    90 mins (plus 60 mins with your PA) with 2 x 20 mins on-line follow up sessions - $750   

    More details . . .


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