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Email tip #1 - How to change default Outlook view from Inbox to Calendar 


Managing e-mail effectively begins with having the bigger picture of your workload and overall productivity in mind. By making the calendar view your default, instead of your In-box, you will start the day with a broader perspective of your workload and priorities for the day. The In-box need only be accessed at a time of your choosing and when you actually intend to process each message. 

How to change your default view from In-box to Calendar in Outlook 2010 & 2013 (see further below for how to do this in Outlook 2003 or 2007) 

  • Select File in top left hand corner. From the drop down menu, select Options (see image below)

  • In the new window which opens, select Advanced

  • Under the 'Outlook start and exit' section you'll see the Start Outlook in this folder with Inbox showing as the default. Click the Browse button and change the default from Inbox to Calendar (see image below)
  • Click OK and then OK again to finish

Congratulations! You've now shifted your default setting (and your focus at the start of the day) from being inbox-base, interruption-driven and reactive to a paradigm that is calendar-based, plan-driven and proactive. You will be delighted at the difference this will amke over coming weeks! 


How to change your default view from In-box to Calendar in Outlook 2003/07

  • Select Tools and then Options from the menu bar at top of screen
  • Click the Other tab
  • Click Advanced Options button
  • Under the General settings section, to the right of Start up in this folder at top of screen, click the Browse button and then select Calendar from the list of folders shown
  • Click OK to save
  • Click OK on the Options window 

Remember, changing this default setting will help you shift from an in-box-based, interruption and reactive work orientation to one which is calendar-based, plan-driven and proactive.

All the best!

Steuart Snooks