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Inverted Pyramid Structure

For most messages, best results will be gained by using the same approach that journalists and newspapers use. When you read a newspaper, the first paragraph tells you the main point and then the rest of the article is spent supporting that point with the background details, information, explanations, reasons etc, in decreasing degree of importance.

This is known as the Inverted Pyramid structure and it is highly valued because readers can leave the story at any point and understand it, even if they don't have all the details. The same approach works well when writing email. Remember, most of your email messages will arrive to your recipient as an interruption and/or mixed in with lots of other messages.

That’s why it is vital that you quickly communicate the main point of your message so that it engages their interest. Ensure main point is at top of the email. Your reader can then read as much or little as they need of the supporting details which follow to then take the action you have requested  . .  same as we do when reading a newspaper or magazine article!

Click on image above to download a copy of a useful guide to using the Inverted Pyramid Structure.