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Email tip #8a - How to create a 'cc' rule and folder (in Outlook 2010/2013)


You’re going to love this!
If you receive a large volume of ‘cc’ e-mail (most people report nearly 20-30% of all messages are like this), you might wish to set up a rule that automatically transfers these messages to a specific ‘cc’ folder where they can be stored for you to review at a later and more appropriate date and time.
This is a better option than allowing these non-time critical messages to interrupt you while you’re doing important work. By definition, ‘cc’ e-mails should not require you to either take any action or respond to them (and they are certainly not urgent), so they can wait till a more appropriate time for you to deal with them.
Here’s how create a rule to deal with these messages in Outlook 2010 (click here if you use Outlook 2003 or 2007);


  • Select Home from the menu bar across top of screen
  • In the ribbon below the menu bar select Rules from the Move group and then Create Rule from the drop down menu
  • In the Create Rule window, click the Advanced Options button in bottom right hand corner

  • Check the box beside where my name is in the Cc box from amongst choices in upper window (Step 1: select conditions)

  • Click the Next > button
  • Check the box beside move it to the specified folder from amongst choices in upper window (Step 1: select action).
  • In the rule description window (Step 2: ), click the underlined specified link - the entire folder list will now be displayed.

  • Click on Inbox to highlight it (so that the cc folder becomes a sub folder of the In-box)
  • Click New button
  • Type CC Folder and click OK and then OK again

  • Click the Next > button
  • Check except if sent from people or distribution list if you wish to make any exceptions (eg: if message is from the CEO, the priority is ‘high’ or the word ‘urgent’ is in the subject line)

  • Click the Next > button
  • In the Please specify a name for this rule, type CC Rule and then make sure theTurn on this rule box is checked

  • Finally, double check the rule description window pane and then click Finish and thenOK.

From now on, the rule will automatically process any ‘cc’ messages you receive and place them in the ‘cc’ folder for you to review at a later time. The folder name will become bold and blue brackets will indicate the number of new unread messages that have arrived.
Finally,  you can let others know how you handle their cc email to you by adding a PS message to your signature block, as follows;

Please note: I have created a rule that automatically re-directs messages I have received as CC to a CC folder which I will get to it later – if you require any action or a prompt response from me, please contact me directly.