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Get Control of Your Inbox

Webinar resources page

This page contains all the follow up resources to support your participation in the Get Control of Your Inbox webinar. 

Slideshow from the webinar

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One-page Executive Summaries (Cheat Sheets) 


The 4D Methodology 

The 4D Method is a powerful way to process the inbox quickly. It allows you to handle each email only once.

Once you've made a 4D decision on each email, the inbox should be empty again! Click here or on the image at right to access your free copy. 


How to get your inbox empty right now 

These days, with ever increasing email volumes, most of us are leaving more and more emails in the inbox.

But I’m sure you’d rather have an empty inbox at the end of each day - that way you know you're up to date and on top of your workload. 

Click here or on the image at left to access your free copy. 

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Resource Guide

Get Your Inbox Under Control

This 24-page Resource Guide details all the strategies and skills discussed in the webinar. This is an excerpt from the full edition of the e-Mastery Resource Guide that you will wish to refe to on a regular basis to help you get your inbox uner control

Click here or on image at left to access and download a copy of the Guide. 

White Paper

7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty

Here's the latest article in the 'Series of Email 7s' by Steuart Snooks (CEO of Solutions for Success). This white paper explains why it's so important to aim at keeping the inbox empty and under control. 

Click here or on image at right to access this article. 

See more white papers, reports and articles on the Resources page at http://emailtiger.com.au/articles 

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