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The High Performance Workplace Resources

This page contains resources to follow up the High Performance Workplace presentation you attended recently.


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7 Reasons You Should NOT Check Email First Thing in the Morning

A controversial article by Steuart Snooks (CEO of Solutions for Success) on the counter-culture idea of NOT checking email first thing in the morning. Click on the image at right to access this fascinating article.

7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty

These days, with ever increasing email volumes, most of us are leaving more and more emails in the inbox. It seems that we either don’t have the time to address them all, or don’t quite know how to make a decision on the action required or where to move them to . . .   so we leave them in the inbox. But there are many good reasons why it would be better to keep the inbox empty and this article aims to explain at least 7 of those reasons. Click on the image at left to access this article.

7 Reasons Email on Your Smartphone Might Not Be So Smart After All!

Smartphones are so empowering and yet they are highly addicitive at the dame time. This article looks at some of the consequences and of using email on your smartphone. Click on the image at right to access this article.

7 Reasons to Live in the Calendar and Only Visit Your Inbox Occasionally (rather than the other way around)

With ever-increasing volumes in the inbox, it becomes harder and harder to focus on the work that really matters. But we need to shift our orking paradigm from one that is inbox-based, interruption-driven and reactive to one that is calendar-based, plan-driven and proactive and this starts with using the Calendar as your time and workload management tool (and not the inbox). Click image at left to download

7 Reasons to Use Delay Delivery for your Outgoing Emails

Here’s an idea to make you more effective as a leader, influencer and communicator. In business life, timing is important. Using Delay Delivery allows you to schedule your outgoing email for when they’re most likely to have maximum impact and allow you to get a quality reply.  Click on the image at right to access this article.

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9 Email 'how to' tips:

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Email tip #1 - Use Calendar as default view (rather than inbox)

Email tip #2 - How to manage email interruptions (turn off all alerts)

Email tip #3 - Open email inbox in a new, separate window

Email tip #4 - How to manage other's expectations (using a P.S. in your signature)

Email tip #5 - How to handle each message only once (using 4D method)

Email tip #6 - How to convert an email to the calendar item

Email tip #7 - How to get your inbox empty right now!

Email tip #8 - How to set up a 'cc' rule and 'cc'/reading folder

Email tip #9 - How to simplify your email folder structure

The 4D Method 'Cheat Sheet':

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Templates and Worksheets

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1-3-5 To Do List template               Ideal Week Planning worksheet


6 Steps of Effective Planning           Priority Analysis worksheet


Big Rocks by Stephen Covey Snr (video):

Here is a short video highlighting the importance of putting 'big rocks' (ie: 'B' priorities) into your calendar/schedule/life well in advance, before 'c' priorities rush in and consume all your time.

Recommended Reading

Here is a short list of recommended books on the subject of time management and productivity;

18 Minutes by Peter Bregman

The Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

Getting Things Done by David Allen

Work the System by Sam Carpenter

Brilliant Email by Monica Seeley

The 26 Hour Day by Vince Panella

80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Smart Work by Dermot Crowley


Email Coaching for you

Would some 1:1 coaching with Australia's leading Email Strategist help you to get your incoming email, inbox and/or folders under control? I can work with you (and your PA/EA if you have one) to optimise the way you handle email and help free up time for your more important responsibilities.

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Skills training for your people

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