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2014 IMA Conference - Resources page

The WWW of Mastering Email


Thanks for participating in The WWW of Mastering Email presentation at the IMA Conference.

This page provides resources to follow up that presentation and the 3 strategic steps and 9 specific actions you can take to get control of email by controlling;

  • When you look at it
  • What you do with it
  • Where to move it (ie: away from the inbox)

Understanding these strategies will help you better manage email, control the inbox, reduce frustration, save an enormous amount of time and triple your productivity.  

Presentation handout 

click on image below to download

The WWW of Mastering Email Overload slideshow

click on image below to watch the slideshow

7 Reasons You Should NOT Check Email First Thing in the Morning

A controversial article by Steuart Snooks (CEO of Solutions for Success) on the counter-culture idea of NOT checking email first thing in the morning. Click on the banner below to access this fascinating article.

Special Report: The 7 Critical Impacts of Information & Email Overload

Click on image at right to get your copy of the Special Report

Listen to interview on this topic

You can also listen to New Zealand's Time Management 'Queen' Robyn Pearce interview Australia's leading Email Strategist and Productivity Expert Steuart Snooks on his research into the impacts of email and information overload in the modern age (48 mins) - see bottom of webpage here and click to play.

9 Email 'how to' tips 

Click on links below to access each tip

Email tip #1 - Use Calendar as default view (rather than inbox)

Email tip #2 - How to manage email interruptions (turn off all alerts)

Email tip #3 - Open email inbox in a new, separate window

Email tip #4 - How to manage other's expectations (using a P.S. in your signature)

Email tip #5 - How to handle each message only once (using 4D method)

Email tip #6 - How to convert an email to the calendar item

Email tip #7 - How to get your inbox empty right now!

Email tip #8 - How to set up a 'cc' rule and 'cc'/reading folder

Email tip #9 - How to simplify your email folder structure