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How to Manage Email Overload - Webinar Resources page 

This punchy, information-rich webinar on How to Manage Email Overload (and triple your productivity) shows 3 strategic steps and 9 specific actions you can take to quickly eliminate email overload, get control, reduce frustration, save an enormous amount of time and triple your productivity.  

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This recording features NZ's Time Management Queen hosting Email Strategist Steuart Snooks as he explains Getting A Grip on Email Overload for her clients. Apologies in advance for about 3 &1/2 minutes of gremlins at the start. It only took a few moments to regroup & you'll find superb value in this replay. There's so much content you'll probably play it more than once!

Because our webinar presentation software, GoToWebinar, uses a special form of video encoding when it records its webinars, some clients and team members have found that you need to have the Citrix Codec installed to see both video and audio in these webinar recordings. It's a free-to-acquire download available over at Citrix.com

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