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Special Report:

The 7 Critical Impacts of Information & Email Overload

One of the biggest issues facing organisations and their staff in the modern age are the increasing complaints about ‘loss of productivity’, ‘being overwhelmed’, feeling ‘stressed’ and even staff ‘burnout’ as a result of information and e-mail ‘overload’.  

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As an Intel research report states, “The combination of e–mail overload and interruptions is widely recognized as a major disrupter of employee productivity and quality of life, yet few organisations take serious action against it”.  

Best-selling author Timothy Ferriss (The Four Hour Workweek) has written .  .  . 

"E-mail has become the biggest time waster in the modern workplace" 

Almost every organisation employing knowledge workers has been greatly impacted by Information Overload, defined as the mental state of continuous stress and distraction caused by incessant interruptions and the sheer volume of e-mail and other messages.  

The Intel report continues “this phenomenon places workers and managers in a chronic state of mental overload. It has a severe but much under-estimated impact on employee productivity and worklife balance, while organisations incur the ‘hidden’ cost of extensive financial loss. “  

The impact is so severe that addressing this issue should be a high priority. Not only will solving this problem have a positive and immediate impact on individual productivity, performance and morale, it will also help those organisations who take prompt action to gain a significant competitive advantage.  

This special report provides compelling information and statistics to show that taking action should be a high priority. Our aim is to provide decision-makers with the background data and a motivation to persuade their organisations to take such action. 

To get a free copy of this report, simply register here. After registering, you'll receive a link to download the report.


Listen to New Zealand's Time Management 'Queen' Robyn Pearce interview Australia's leading Email Strategist and Productivity Expert Steuart Snooks on his research into the impacts of email and information overload in the modern age (48 mins).