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Taming the E-mail Tiger

E-mail is probably the biggest time waster and source of frustration in modern business life. The costs associated with escalating e-mail volumes, both direct and indirect, is enormous.

Learning how to deal more effectively with incoming e-mail will help to increase individual and team performance, productivity and morale as well as reduce many of the ‘hidden’ costs associated with your current e-mail handling practices.

“Thanks for the tip and thanks for the other tips you gave us during your “Taming the Email Tiger” class. I vote the class one of the most valuable I have ever participated in.” Adam Burns | Key/Liner Sales Manager (QLD) Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

This program is for you if you:

  • are a busy professional
  • struggle to keep up with all your e-mail
  • wish to be able to get your inbox under control
  • feel overwhelmed with e-mail & information overload
  • would like to be productive and effective in your role

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • recognise the impact of current e-mail practices for you and your organisation
  • shift your working paradigm from being e-mail-based, interruption-driven and reactive to a more calendar-based, plan-driven and proactive
  • get control of e-mail as an interruption
  • automate sorting and filing of non-critical e-mails
  • use the 4D Methodology to integrate e-mail with your overall workload and other aspects of email software (eg: Calendar) and keep the in-box empty
  • identify options for effective storage and archiving of e-mail and attachments
  • eliminate a major cause of frustration, dissatisfaction, stress & ‘burnout’ (resulting from extended hours dealing with e-mail)
  • significantly reduce the amount of time/cost spent handling e-mail (by 25-40%)
  • generate 12-15 days of additional productivity per year

What do you get?

The highly successful and proven Taming the E-mail Tiger workshop shows how to have a more strategic approach to managing e-mail using the 5 Golden Rules of Best Practice E-mail Management that will dramatically reduce the amount of time & cost spent in reading and handling e-mail.

Pre-workshop – An E-mail Productivity Audit is completed on-line (anonymously) to give a ‘snapshot’ of the current issues. Results are compiled and presented for discussion as part of the workshop.

Workshop - A dynamic, interactive and highly practical half-day workshop utilising multi-media to enhance the learning experience for each participant. Includes;

* comprehensive workbook/manual

* PDF version of the workshop slideshow available to each participant

* laminated card summarising the 5 Golden Rules of Best Practice E-mail Management

Post workshop – Recognising e-mail habits are hard to change, the workshop is supported by;

*series of follow up tips for 90 days to remind & reinforce the key email effectiveness strategies

* Resource & Guidelines booklet capturing all you need to know to manage email more effectively

* a monthly 45 minute Q&A webinar to answer questions and share insights

Optional Follow up 1:1 Coaching

A one-on-one coaching program with Australia’s leading E-mail Strategist & Expert to help you get your e-mail under control. These sessions are tailored to fit your personal working environment and practices, and can be conducted face-to-face in your office, via phone and/or Skype or even via the internet.

What others say!

“I must say I was less than enthused to go to yet another training when I have so much work to do at my desk.  I listened to you talk about this being life changing and how my emails would disappear. Managing two inboxes and with them generating most of my workload I sat fidgeting in my seat quite annoyed that you had no idea about my work; this surely couldn’t apply to me. Making me more annoyed was the way you kept closing the screen behind and ensuring we closed our laptops so I couldn’t check my emails and do work whilst you’re doing your presentation as in other training.

So now a week later; I sit here at the end of the day with time to allocate an appropriate response and provide constructive feedback. I have still been busy all day but my work is not mounting up uncontrollably.  I apply the two minute rule a few times a day and drag other emails into a slotted time to deal with it.  Maybe not today but certainly as it needs prioritising.  My emails are at zero at the end of the day EVERY DAY!

The fact that I am now telling you that this training has indeed “changed my life” is like eating humble pie.  But kudos to you and a well-deserved pat on the back.

My calendar is now my priority - I have control of my work - I have started to leave on time - I have left my work at work giving me work life balance. Thank you." Kat Campbell, Central Enrolment Officer, Cardinia Shire Council

“I have been fortunate enough to be part of this exercise a couple of years ago. Definitely not one to miss out on. I know other companies that have had Steuart present the training and all say it was fantastic – it is simple yet it makes huge sense. The cost saving and time saving side will astonish you as he simplifies the use of email.” Grattan Fitzgerald | Director | Electrical Distribution & Transmission

“You have turned my working life around……. From the training I have been able to manage my time and stay focused on a task for the first time in years!!! Some very simple tips like alerts off, setting a few rules like the cc folder have made a massive impact. The biggest one of all was to move emails into my calendar to action at an appropriate time. Thanks I really enjoyed the training, and I am looking forward to the tips.”  Stacey Jennings, Coordinator Local Laws, Latrobe City Council (May 15, 2015)

“I am not just saying this but it’s amazing and still working!!! My productivity and work output is much higher. I have also been able to get a colleague on board and working with her to use some of the tips I have learned. I have strongly encouraged other to attend this training next time it’s on offer. The best thing is only looking at an email once and making a decision. The ctrl x is working a treat to manage the tasks that need a little more time.” Stacey Jennings, Coordinator Local Laws, Latrobe City Council (May 20, 2015)

“Thanks Steuart, I am finding the whole process fantastic and it is certainly helping me day to day!” Sam Moyle | GPA - South Gippsland | Support Services Manager  

“The program highlighted how poorly my day was managed and how email managed my time. The workshop showed me how to regain control of my day and operate more efficiently”. Sab Ambrosino | National Merchandise Manager | Symbion Pharmacy Services

“Prior to the course I would have had over 800 emails sitting in my in box . . . after the course I feel so much better about myself and the way I work and feel a lot more in control of my work load. I found you to be most helpful in offering appropriate helpful hints when we had our one on one coaching session and this cemented what I learnt during the course.” Di Ashton | HR Manager | Cardinia Shire Council

“Must attend this workshop – to help yourself and the rest of the organisation manage e-mail appropriately and become more effective.” Chris Hookey | IBM Global Services 

"Just a quick note to say my email protocols have never been better, I’d have to say the folder set up I have created has been the biggest success in managing my emails so thank you again." Andrew Graham | Organisational Development | Kangan Institute

"Great for hints and tips, even if you have been using email for a long time." Lisa Brock | Latrobe Community Health Service

Below is a sample of evaluations from a programme delivered to a member organisation of the Australian Institute of Management recently.



What can you do now?

If you have any questions, simply contact us direct on 1300 789 468 to discuss how we can deliver this programme and its benefits for your organisation.